Welcome to our family! Your health,  what could be more valuable? At the E.C. Tyree Health & Dental Clinic, putting patients first is, and always has been, our mission for over 28 years. We believe everyone should have access to quality health care that not only give solutions but walks with our clients every step of the way.

The Clinic offers a wide range of services to fulfill the needs of your entire family. This page was created to give you some things to help you prepare for your first visit.

*Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out paperwork.

*Bring a copy of your insurance and/or Kancare (Medicaid) cards.

*Bring a copy of current proof of income(paycheck stubs, disability statements, etc.)

*Write down a list of all your current medications.

*Write a list a questions you can discuss with the doctors.


We look forward to working with you!

E.C. Tyree Health & Dental Clinic Staff